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Paul Wheatons

Rocket Mass Heater 4 DVD SET

Watch the 3 Minute Video Below.
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Q:  But what IS a Rocket Mass Heater (RMH) and what will it do for me ?
A:  I'll show you quickly, and its astounding.

( These are Actual frame Grabs from the DVDs )


This is SO Simple...just follow the pictures.  A RMH starts with a vertical wood feed (photo below) which such a great way to feed wood into a fire, gravity moves it down as its needed.  The fire burns through the burn tunnel and then up the heat riser.



This is a perfect frame grab from the DVD, they made the most simple RMH from fire bricks just stacked together (for demo purposes), no mortar, and put a piece of glass on the side so you can see where the wood feeds in, how the fire goes through the burn tunnel and up the heat riser.  This is how SIMPLE an RMH is.


The DVDs are full of great graphics, animation (and white board work).  Now a metal barrel goes around the heat riser.  This gives you INSTANT heat from the heat riser and then the long chimney is added that goes under the 'mass' of the RMH that gives you the long term heat.

Starting to make the RMH, this is the bare layout without the chimney yet. The group made the whole RMH in 44 minutes. All parts there, ready to go etc.... NO WELDING ANYWHERE !!

Now you can see the chimney going on and it will go back and forth twice so all of the heat from the escaping combustion gasses get transferred to the rocks that will cover the whole unit.


One of the NEATEST things is how the wood goes in to the fire box.  It does not go in horizontally like all other stoves, it goes in vertically,  NO SMOKE comes out because it constantly has air being sucked in because of the combustion.  The wood just falls down and you keep on adding more.   I want to emphasis that this does not seem like a 'lot of wood' because the RMH is so efficient that it does not use a LOT of wood.  Rather than throwing the heat up the chimney like a regular stove, an RMH gets ALL of the heat out of the fire.  Its like having a 50 MPG car rather than a 12 MPG car.   Both go the same distance, one just uses a lot less fuel. 



This is a quick frame grab from the DVD of the while unit completed.  From BOTTOM TO TOP you can see where the wood goes in, where the fire goes up the heat riser to give you instant and warm heat without waiting for the thing to 'warm up'.  You can see all of the Rocks (just rocks man) that cover up the long horizontal part of the chimney that gets all of the heat out of the fire and then the simple chimney that goes up and out the top of the building.  Just like ANY wood stove would, its that easy.




- For your House
- For your Cabin
- For your Bug Out Location
- For your Shop
- For your Garage
- For Power Failures
- For Daily Use
- For Hot Water (for entire house, its in the DVD)
- For where you need it.
- You now OWN your OWN Heat !!


DO You Want to Go to The Rocket Mass Heater Class ??
- Its in Montana ( $$ for Airfare or Travel)
- Its 3 Days Long ($$ for Hotel )
- Its Cold, but No snow (hopefully)
- Its Only Once a Year
- Its limited to ONLY 25 People
- It sells out RIGHT AWAY
- It Costs $400 for the Class

What You Should DO.
- The DVDs are 7 Hours Long (4 DVDs)
- No $$ for Airfare or Travel
- No $$ for Hotel
- Learn EVERYTHING you'd Learn in the class
- Only $97.00 + $5.60 Priority Mail Shipping
- It'll get to you in 1 to 3 days anywhere in the USA.
- That's not even $14 per hour of education.
- Click ADD TO CART below or click the Photo of the DVD


USA ORDERS ONLY - Canadians & everyone else need to wait.

Paul Wheatons Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 Rocket Mass Heaters 4 DVD Set.
$97.00 + $5.60 S/H
Shipped by US Priority Mail (1-3 Days)

SAVE $25
Before its Gone Forever
$75.00 + $5.60
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Paul Wheatons Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 Rocket Mass Heaters INSTANT DOWNLOAD
$45.00 + $0.00 S/H
Buy this anywhere in the world.  Its just slightly less than full DVD resolution, it looks really good. Great for watching it on a mobile device or tablet.
*NOTE* Make sure you are on a good WiFi connection to download these, total file size is 2.8Gigs, do not download on your cell phone data plan. There are 4 files, download them 1 at a time.


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I Went to The DENVER Self Reliance Expo
Last week and took too many books...
October 4th, 5th, 2013

Last October 4th & 5th, 2013

I took Books and a NEW DVD to the Self Reliance Expo in Denver Colorado where Jack Spirko and myself spoke on different subjects.   I have EXTRA Books and DVDs LEFT OVER that I have ON CLEARANCE HERE for you.

This is probably my LAST EXPO Like this. 
So I won't have 'surplus' books anymore.
Get them NOW while you can at this price.


USA ORDERS ONLY - Canadians & everyone else need to wait.

Steven Harris Home and Mobile Battery Bank DVD. 4.5 Hours.

This is exactly the same video that I have for sale at Battery1234.com  The Video on the website is ONLINE and Download ONLY.   Right now, this is the ONLY place you'll find the DVD for sale, at all.  So if you want a DVD copy of the video to show others, get it here.  I don't plan on keeping it as an item because I think DVDs are DEAD.  This is NOT a High Def DVD, this is a SD (Standard Definition) regular DVD. NOT Blu-Ray. A regular DVD for a regular DVD player.  Video is $34.95 online, the DVD is only $24.95

$34.95 Regular Price
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Sunshine to Dollars
by Steven Harris
This is my flagship book, the one I am most famous for.  I tell how to get free solar panels (I got 85) how to get free Solar Glass ( I got tons of it)  Plus how to make Solar Ovens, Solar Hot Water Heaters and more.  I took a bunch of these books to Autograph at the Show, sold over 200 of them, only less than 100 left at this price.

$14.95 Regular Price
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The Solar Cookery Book
by Beth Halacy
I have 2 really nice, and easy, solar cookers in Sunshine to Dollars.   This book not only has all of the recipes and methods of solar cooking explained in detail, but it has one of the best, highest temperature ovens in it with step by step construction plans in it.  This is the same class of solar oven by "Sun Ovens" which were selling for $319 at the Expo, but you can build for probably $39 in materials, or less.  I warn you, Solar Cooking is Magical, its ADDICTIVE.  Once you cook with solar and understand how simple and easy it is, you will be forever addicted.  This gives you an unlimited amount of bread, biscuits and other baked products in a disaster when the sun shines.

$12.95 Regular Price
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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The Complete Handbook of Solar Air Heating Systems
Solar Hot air is REAL Solar Energy.  Making any one of the dozen plus of solar heaters in this book can give you a return on investment in DAYS.  Days, not months, not years.  Days!  Especially if you use the free glass that I tell you how to get in Sunshine to Dollars.  Want to save money?  Heat air with sunshine and dump it into your house on a cold day and that is money DIRECTLY off your heating bills.  This book is hands on, step by step, with photos, diagrams, drawings and complete instructions. 

$29.95 Regular Price
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$29.95 Total

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Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines Volumes 3 and 4 !!
Run a Generator off WOOD. Step by Step Plans with Photographs, diagrams and parts lists.  Take a 55 gallon drum, a metal trash can, a stainless steel salad bowl, a 3' piece of 6" furnace duct and a few other common items and get a PROVEN gas generator that will run a car, truck, generator or tractor.  Gasifiers like these were $6000 at the expo.  you can make one for very little.  This is our #1 best selling gasifier book, even though its called volume 3 and 4, its the book that you START with.  Take it from Steven Harris, if you want to make a gasifier, and you can do it, this is the book you start with.

$29.95 Regular Price
$24.95 +
$2.95 S/H
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Biogas Volumes 1 & 2
A gasifier (above) uses high temperature to convert wood into 'wood gas'.  Biogas is the digestion of organic material (grass or manure etc..) into METHANE.  This is a slow low temperature process. Once you load up a drum (as show in this book) it will start producing gas after about 3 days and continue for about 3 weeks (temperature dependent, warmer = better).  This is the way you take yard waste or animal waste and turn it directly into Methane (Natural Gas) that you can use in an electrical generator for electricity or mantle style lantern for light.  This book is all about how to do this with simple cheap drums you can get on craigslist from free to $20 each. 

$14.95 Regular Price
$12.95 +
$1.95 S/H

Biogas Volume 3
This book details how the Chinese make a Biogas digester.  They made tens of millions of these in the 1970's, probably 100's of millions by now.  This is an in ground unit you make.  They used bricks, but you can use cement, cinder blocks or a large cheap plastic water tank.  This is a continuous feed unit.  You put feedstock in one side each day, get fertilizer out the other side and get gas out all of the time.  Its a continually running unit always making gas.  This works very well. 

$24.95 Regular Price
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$34.95 Total

$4.95 S/H
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what little I have extra from the show and
because you guys deserve a good SALE
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Hydrogen Manufacture by Electrolysis- Thermal Decomposition and Unusual Techniques
This is the best book ever written on Hydrogen Production (right after the Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen).  It describes every method in detail.  I mean it is very detailed on Electrolysis, the complete science, it covers Thermal Decomposition (Steve's Favorite method) and it covers "Unusual Methods" that will not be documented in any other book.  This is a thick book and its more on the technical side than the DIY or how-to side.  Its for people serious about hydrogen production who want to read stuff they've never seen before, and that is ALL 100% Science, not CRAP you see on the net or youtube.

$34.95 Regular Price
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This is the ONLY time you'll get this book this cheap.  Its one of our #1 hydrogen books, best there is.

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What does Steven Harris Approved Mean ?
I am an energy and preparedness expert.  Many of you trust me and look to me for books, DVDs, items, products, classes, free info and the last darn thing I am going to do is let you down.  I have my name on all of this.  I own everything you see.  I've played with it, tested it, tortured it and this is not my 'opinion', this is my 'expertise' and 'experience'.  You can trust these products or you get your money back, no time limits, no reasons needed.
USA ORDERS ONLY - Canadians & everyone else need to wait.

Q: What are these people
waiting in line for ??

A: Alcohol after Hurricane Sandy 2012


Q: What is LIQUID GOLD and you can
trade for ANYTHING in a Disaster ?



Make Moonshine on your Kitchen Table
(read Warning Below for Legalities)  Yes, it makes Alcohol Fuel as Well.
Watch the Video to see how EASY it is to make Alcohol



Distiller Only ONLY $214.97 + $15.00 S/H
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With Compete
Test Kit
ONLY $234.97 + $19.00
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Complete Test Kit - Measure Your Percentage
of Alcohol Being Produced - A Must Have.

*Starter Kit*

*Starter Kit*

Distiller With
Test Kit & *Starter Kit*
ONLY $299.97

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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*Starter Kit* Just add Sugar and Water
8.0 Gallon Starter Kit with Measurement Kit, Turbo Yeast, Fermentation Lock, and Spigot Output
Makes 3.0 Gallons of 80 Proof Alcohol or 1.2 Gallons of 200 Proof Alcohol Car Fuel in as little as 2 Days.

he Starter Kit INCLUDES a Measurement Kit, that saves you $20 right there.  Count on this 8 GALLON quality pail to be exactly what you need to start your first fermentation.  It includes the fermentation lock and TURBO YEAST so you can get a batch done and ready to distill in as SHORT as 2 DAYS !
What is nice is the spigot so you can put the fermented 'wash' directly into the still WITHOUT having to lift and pour from the 8 gallon pail.  You'll probably have only 6 gallons of water and sugar in the pail, the other 2 gallons is for foaming and headspace, but those 6 gallons w/ sugar can weigh over 60 pounds!

You Really Need This Kit to Start your Fermenting and Distillation Quickly. This is the fastest way to do it.

WARNING: MoonShine is ILLEGAL in the USA !... but...

Ok...so we know that alcohol, moonshine, etc is a great trading commodity during a disaster.  After Hurricane Sandy hit Pennsylvania, the "State Alcohol Stores" were shut down for 2 days.  On day 3 there was a line of people going in and out of it like ants.  Half the shelves were empty.  Boy do we have an alcohol issue in this country.   People will do anything for alcohol especially if everything is shut down for a week.  You can trade a water bottle full of moonshine for just about anything; toilet paper, ammo, fuel, you name it.  (I'd put in 80 proof 'moonshine' in bottles, NOT 180 proof I show how to make, that is for making triple distilled top shelf stuff). 

1.  It is NOT illegal to own a Moonshine Still in the USA.
2.  It *IS* 100% ILLEGAL to DISTILL ANY amount (even 1 drop) of moonshine in the USA without a permit.

So if you want to make moonshine I'd suggest you store it in regular water battles, 8 or 16 oz water bottles.  Put them back in the case and put them on the shelf with your regular water.  They will look the same.  I show you HOW 100% in the video above how easy it is to make alcohol fuel for cars, and that is 100% the same as moonshine or vodka.  So if you do this in the privacy of your kitchen, do not tell anyone, do not drink it, do not sell it.  Make it and store it for an emergency.  Loose Lips Sinks Ships and get you in Jail. 

When the world has collapsed and its time to trade it, take a sharpie and put X X X on the bottle and trade it for anything you want.  X X X use to by the marking for moonshine, it mean distilled X times, so X X X is three times.

Ok.. so if you want to do the above legally you can do the following.

1.  Buy big bottles of cheap vodka and keep small 8 oz water bottles for distributing it later.
Trading in smaller portions is a higher value than trading a whole big bottle.
Right now, in Alaska, in many native towns it is ILLEGAL to OWN, let alone DRINK alcohol.
"Boot leggers" or Alcohol "Smugglers" will get $400 or more for a 5th of Vodka they pay $15 for.
That is how valuable alcohol is where there is none.  So trade in 8oz bottles, not whole 5th's or 1.75 liters of vodka.
( Don't believe me ? Watch Alaska State Troopers on the NATGEO Channel )

2.  Get 5 gallon pails with sugar and water as described above and add grape juice and make wine.  IT IS *LEGAL* to make wine in the USA for personal consumption.  When the world fails, who's going to care what you do with it or trade it for.  That is ALL Wine is... water, sugar, yeast and grape juice concentrate.

3.  Learn to brew beer, plenty of videos on YouTube on how to do this.  Brew beer and store it and use this for trade when the world ends.  Again, you can make beer and wine for personal consumption.  You can't legally sell it without a license.

4.  Its smarter (but more illegal) to make moonshine BEFORE a disaster and store it as I described.  However there is nothing illegal about storing sugar, yeast and water and then you can illegally make moonshine after the world has collapsed and there is no federal law enforcement.  You'd HAVE to have a fair amount of electricity to do it.  So if you have a generator that runs on natural gas then you have all of the power you need to make the moonshine.  If you have a large solar system, that will work as well.  It takes about 600+ watts to run the still for 45 minutes to make your first batch.

5.  For the RECORD.  I am talking about possibilities for what some people might want to do, both illegal and legal, but we are talking about living in a time when there is no law except for your 870 shotgun.   For the record, I have 100% NEVER ever taken an illegal drug in my life, not even pot, nor will I ever do so and I have never made alcohol outside of a location where we were making it for Alcohol Fuel purposes with a Federal TTB Alcohol Fuel Permit.  I am NOT telling you to make illegal alcohol in the USA.   I AM telling you that it is a Federal Crime to make it without a federal permit and and in many cases a state permit.

6.  If you want to know how to make alcohol LEGALLY in the USA for Alcohol Fuel Purposes, see ALL of my explicit details at http://www.iMakeMyGas.com  I talk about how to get a permit (free from the US Government) and  make Alcohol Fuel Legally.